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  1. Vector : FEATURE REQUESTS (Orig Thread)
  2. One-shot mode
  3. LEDs when on the J-EXP TRIGS screen
  4. REC Page Updates
  5. Ext CV control of tempo
  6. MIDI program changes, scene remote control, "fill" scenes
  7. Instrument Definitions?
  8. Auto-Evolve w/ CV control
  9. Realtime Recording
  10. Elektron-style parameter locks with 9th encoder
  11. Ext CV control of trigs
  12. TIME SYNC Menu Reordering
  13. PLAYLIST to go back to first preset at START
  14. Glide to MIDI portamento
  15. Chord voicings
  16. Copy parts between projects
  17. Step Length updates
  18. Sequence clear option
  19. SubSeq Editing Enhancements
  20. Reset and Sync
  21. Blank slate
  22. Poly MIDI to CV out
  23. More options for Preset changes
  24. Midi to CV interface
  25. Modes for Sub Seq
  26. Scenes and bars
  27. Ability to selectively apply DBL, INV, GEN/EVO, SH-L/R, etc
  28. Randomized CC output
  29. Preset Quantization to 2 & 4 Bars
  30. Chord based arpeggios
  31. Manual Transposition
  32. Dynamic triggers?
  33. Transpose and Octave as external modulation target
  34. subsequence Part x control
  35. Subsequence Invert
  36. Ability to modulate MODE
  37. Duplicate all presets in all parts simultaneously
  38. Evolve as destination in sub sequencer
  39. RESET option to make it equal to whatever RATE is
  40. Apply gen/evolve/duplicate preset to all parts simultaneously
  41. Insert Seq Step
  42. Muting triggers from external module source
  43. Unmute Chance Operation working?
  44. Changing Scale with Sub Sequence
  45. Smaller expander
  46. Reload evolved part? Synced load project?
  47. Chance operations not working
  48. PQNT Bug?
  49. Use a MIDI Keyboard to capture chords
  50. Customisable Generate function?
  51. SubSeq Rates to match main Sequence
  52. Select options
  53. My feature requests compiled.
  54. MIDI control of ext MOD