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jim 05-12-2017 01:05 PM

Numerology 4.2 Build 175
It seems that building with the latest OS X and Xcode has sorted out the issue with the Cubase 9 Plug-In Sentinel. There are also a couple updates related to the Performance Controller.


Fixes & Updates:

- Cubase : This build passes the cubase Plug-In Sentinel.
- RT Rec : Fixed a problem with stuck notes when exiting Realtime Record mode.
- Perf Ctlr : Fixed a problem when navigating between stacks.

nil 05-13-2017 06:55 AM

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Bug using the AU in Live 9.7 64bit most recent beta. First looks like a display bug, but then it seems to be impossible to route any signal, as if it couldn't connect input and output together. See screenshots. VST seems to work fine though.

jim 05-16-2017 01:09 PM

Let me know if you can repeat that one reliably. It happens for me sometimes in Live w/ the AU, but not frequently.


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