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shreeswifty 03-10-2016 08:20 PM

Expert Sleepers

I am hoping to connect with those using Numerology with Expert Sleepers ES-40. I have a Behringer FCA610 and Expert Sleepers ES-40 with and Esx8CV/GT Add-ons and i want to use the very interesting CV modules included in N4. I would love to take a peak at a project file with the Voice controller setup as a template to get started if someone might could share

Thank you


jim 03-11-2016 04:27 PM

Howdy Patrick, nice to chat with you earlier today!

Here's the video I mentioned:

Now, something I forgot to mention is that with the ES-40 you have to use the ES-4 Controller plugin to get a signal to it correctly, so the setup in Numerology will be a bit different. In particular, you should route the audio from the ES-4 controller plugin to an "Audio Out" module in Numerology and then pick the correct audio outputs for S/PDIF on your audio interface.


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