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docsample 05-20-2019 11:01 PM

How deep are the modules?
How deep are both modules? Will they fit in the 4ms pod60 (34mm deep)?

ignatius 05-20-2019 11:57 PM

looks fairly shallow in the pics at schneider's but i couldn't find actual data

docsample 05-21-2019 11:57 AM

Yeah that looks okay, it's the expander I'm worrying about. Would want to be able to mount them in the same skiff

jim 05-21-2019 12:04 PM

Here are the full specs for mounting depth and power:

Vector: 42hp, 28mm deep, 140 mA on +12V, 20 mA on -12V

Expander: 12hp, 44mm deep, 30 mA on +12V, 30 mA on -12V

.. these are also listed on modular grid:

The Expander is too deep for regular mounting in the Pod60. I have seen folks use spacers to make it work, by raising the Expander about 10 mm higher than normal, but it is an unusual look.

Both modules will fit in a 60 hp Moog case, and you'd have enough hp left over for a power module.

The additional depth of the Expander vs. the Vector is due to the Expander being a two board 'stack'. One board has all the jacks, the other is a *very* dense board of SMD components.


steve.turner 05-22-2019 01:24 AM

Yeah and with the Expander, the quality of cable to connect to the main unit is very good and as such it is thick and adds a little depth. I found the expander didnt like being on the edge (left edge) of my Tip Top case. The Mantis cases have a bit of an indent that annoys some modules like Magneto.

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