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Default Numerology 4.2 Build 171

This build has some UI fixes for OS X Sierra. Also: you can now do Step Record w/o the transport running. And: there's a new controller spec ("Performance Controller"), but it is still a work in progress -- I'll post some initial notes on it below.



Numerology 4.2 Build 171

- Keyboard Module : fixed a drawing issue in OS X Sierra.
- Audio Meters (in Mixer) : fixed a drawing issue in OS X Sierra.

- STEP REC : The MonoNote, PolyNote & DrumSeq can now do step recording when the transport is not running.

New Feature: Performance Controller

This is a new controller type that combines sequence editing, via a MIDI keyboard, and general purpose remote control, via "Knobs & Buttons" MIDI controller. This combination allows you to configure a flexible, performance-friendly controller setup whereby you use the keyboard for entering and modifying sequences, and the knobs-n-buttons controller for adjusting other parameters. You can use two separate MIDI controllers -- say a Launch Control and a MIDI keyboard, or a single keyboard controller provided that it has some assignable knobs and buttons. -- more notes on this coming shortly...

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