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Originally Posted by jim View Post
Currently, each Launchpad runs independently. If you have 2 or more setup, you can pretty easily navigate them so that they each show part of a sequence, but there's no automated facility yet so that you can, say, navigate somewhere else, then come back to that setup quickly. That last bit is on the todo list...

Ok Jim, I will try a setup with 2 launchpads and see what that gives.
I'm still looking out for the ultimate Numerology controller.

Although the functionality and navigation of the launchpad, the way you worked it out, is amazing. It's still limited that one is visually stuck to the 8 steps.

Any other suggestions for a controller with a larger overview suitable for live use?

Yes, there is an upgrade. But to avoid 'serial number fatigue', the upgrade is via a coupon off the full N4 price. If you have build 70 or later of N3, you should be able to use the 'Upgrade to Numerology 4" menu to see your coupon code. Otherwise, email me and I'll look it upů

Ok will check the coupon code.


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