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I'm not sure where to put this post. I've been away from Numerology for a few years because I didn't have a computer new enough to run N4. I've been back in Numerology action for over a month now and one thing I've run into with the last few N4 versions (build 164 was the first version I tried upon my return), I can not get audio out of several of the Expert Sleepers plug ins specifically Meringue and Warbler. I can see the signal meters in the plugins responding to signal so I'm pretty sure audio is getting into the plugin but I can't hear any audio out of the plugin. The audio returns when I delete the Expert Sleepers fx module.

I'm using the newest version of both N4 and the Expert Sleepers plugins. I can get audio out of Expert Sleepers Minky Starshine which is a synth but not out of the AU fx.

I realize this could be a bug in the Expert Sleepers stuff but I figured I'd start here first on the N4 end. Is there any trick to getting these plugins to work? They worked fine a few years ago when I used them with Numerology.


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