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Originally Posted by jim View Post
This build includes a workaround for the N4 AU/AUMX conflict in LogicX and MainStage on OS X 10.13 High Sierra. The workaround is to not install the N4 AU -- but only on OS X 10.13. This may seem like a rather radical move, but keep in mind my general recommendations for plugin usage:

- For LogicX or MainStage, you should only use the N4 AUMX.
- For any other plugin host, use the VST.

There are only a few cases where it makes sense to use the N4 AU:

- You are still using an older version of Logic which doesn't support the AU MIDI Effect, or you are using an old copy of DP that doesn't support VST. In both those cases, you can still manually install the AU -- see the next post for instructions.

- You are using LogicX and need to route MIDI to an external instrument. AFAIK, this is not possible with the AUMX. It is relatively straightforward to do with the AU, but the MIDI timing in that case is not so hot (and there's no way to make it better). The best option is to use N4 standalone sync'd via MIDI clock with Logic, the next best option is to use N4 in ReWire mode.

- You have some existing projects that use the N4 AU. If they are mixed projects -- i.e. use the AU and the AUMX, *and* you've already upgrade to 10.13, you will have to transition your projects. If they only use the AU, then you can add/remove it as you need to when working with those projects. If you need to transition some projects, keep in mind that it is easy to export and import stacks with all the N4 plugins.

If you are using the N4 AU and your situation does not match any of the above cases, please let me know, either here on the forum or via email.

A long-term fix for this issue will likely require moving a significant amount of code into a separate library -- one of those 'easy in theory, rather tricky in practice' situations. -- So, for now, we have this workaround.



Numerology 4.2 Build 177

Numerology AU and OS X 10.13 a.k.a. High Sierra: This build does not install the
N4 AU on High Sierra, and will remove an installed N4 AU if one is found. This is to avoid an issue with the Objective-C runtime in 10.13. If you are using LogicX or MainState, stick to the N4 AUMX (Audio Unit MIDI Effect), if you are using any other hosts, use the N4 VST.

Other Fixes & Updates:

- Fixed an issue with the "Purchase" button on the Demo Dialog.
- MIDI Meter: Fixed a drawing issue on OS X 10.12
Jim, In the case of Digital Performer using VST for midi usage, does 177 version bring something more to me , I am still on Sierra ?
Thank you
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