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Originally Posted by jim View Post
What did you get?

Hi Jim!

I am a long time pentax user so I upgraded my 3 1/2 year old K200D to a K5 Pentaxes present top model (best lowlight APS-C in class, very much improved dynamic range, fps, and bought a DA 21 mm ltd lens for landscape and street( small blindingly sharp), a polariser, afew ND filters so I can work with Daytime blur effects Fill flashDof effects, a few fast SD cards, camera bags. So now I'm very close to having the semi pro photography setup that I had been working on getting sorted out over 4 or 5 years ago.. I have about 8 lenses some up to 35 years old others newly released, All prime except one kit zoom. I have the software side sorted out using Capture One pro Raw developement, and Media Pro which is one of the fastest photo management programs for working with large libraries..I'm going to use Photoshop elements for more detailed editing..



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