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Originally Posted by jim View Post
This build makes the Performance Controller visible (in the Controller Setup dialog). It still needs some tweaks and support for the DrumSeq, but I know some of you are really interested in trying it out. I'll re-post the full description below.

One note about plugins: In Standalone and ReWire modes, as you use the Perf Ctlr to navigate from stack to stack, the UI will move to that stack as well. However, as there's no reliable plugin APIs that I know of for a plugin to request it's UI be frontmost, I can't help you there. Trust your ears, and check to see what sort of help your DAW can provide.

In the reverse mode: having the Perf Ctlr follow the UI, that will work at least better in plugin-land: you just have to open the UI and click on something. -- That's one of the unfinished bits I'm still working on...


Release Notes:

Numerology 4.2 Build 172

- The "Performance Controller" controller setup is now active.
Downloading ;-)
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