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Default Numerology 4.1 Build 161

N4 SE:

Numerology 4 Build 161

- Audio Files : Fixed an issue reading factory audio files (*.fa) in N4 plugins.
- Routing : Fixed a layout issue when collapsing all modules.
- Prefs: Now always shows the first pref on opening.
- Navigator: Got rid of transparency in El Cap. Yuk.
- Launchpad PRO : The 'top buttons' now light up properly.
- Keyboard : the 'poly' setting is now on by default.
- LFO & ModSeq Param Mod : fixed a problem w/ min/max value setting as the target param is changed.
- Browser : Audio Preview : shortened attack on sample playback.
- Sample Kit : Fixed a routing bug when adding FX after the SampleKit in a stack.
- Launchpad : Drum Seq : Fixed an issue w/ increment/decrement part (i.e. up/down buttons) in Velocity Edit mode.
- ReWire : I disabled the (non-working) locate function until it can be supported properly.
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