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Originally Posted by Luddite View Post
This all looks very promising and exciting! Numerology was always crying out for a dedicated controller. Something between the ease of use of, say, a dark time from Doepfer and the capability of the Cirklon would make sense. Being able to program from Numerology on the computer and then load into the module would be great.
That's the general idea -- create patterns on hardware, load into the computer or vice-versa. Indeed, I just got the SD card to mount via USB on my Mac. However, don't go overboard with expectations, the hardware seq isn't going to be able to load full Numerology stacks -- that's too much for this little chip to handle. Think instead of a generic "hardware compatible" stack -- a couple simplified mod seqs, a main sequencer (mono or poly), presets and playlist settings.

The controller bit comes in when you want to keep you main work on the computer -- for bigger stacks, running audio plugins, etc.

Originally Posted by Luddite View Post
One thing that would occur to me would be to incorporate features that the Cirklon does not have (complex envelope/LFO sequencing like the Control Forge does). I would think though that it may need a dedicated breakout box for advanced CV sequencing.
I'm hoping to have 2 mod seqs for each main sequencer, mostly for internal modulation, but you would be able to override say the "accent" out for a part to use a mod seq instead of the "velocity" part of the main seq. Indeed, if I can swing it right, you'd be able to have sub-sequencers for accent and gate, w/ the main seq for pitch. Sound familiar?

Originally Posted by Luddite View Post
Would also love to meet up at Superbooth if you can make it Jim!
It's looking pretty slim right now, but I'll post here if I can go.

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