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Originally Posted by Ztarman View Post
I was thinking the same thing. In my quest to get the performance controller to stop double repeating steps I've been trying various combos of controllers/keys but it's laborious to have to delete the controller to just reassign it again if I decide to use it later. It would be great to be able to save user made presets of specific controllers to be recalled and chosen depending on your current configuration.
See my above post about how the settings for controllers are stored....

Also: Email me one of you projects where you are getting repeated steps -- I want to check to see if there is some setting in the note sequencer that may be causing the issue. Also if you have something connected to the MIDI Input for the note sequencer, that might cause issues...

Originally Posted by Ztarman View Post
Also, my issue with the launchpad spitting out midi on the scene buttons now is making my project too unpredictable. Would I run into any problems if I reinstalled the previous build?
You shouldn't -- FYI: I've found the conflict between the launchpad and the perf controller. A workaround until I have a fix out: set the MIDI channel for your performance controller to something other than 1 -- i.e. the MIDI Channel used by the Launchpad.

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