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Default 177 killed all my plugins

Dear Jim, et al.
I updated to 177, I'm in OS 10.13.1

I read your note from 11.15
But still, I don't know how to proceed, since all my AU plugins show "plugin not found" on the stack. AU is pretty much ALL I use.

Is this the fix?

"This should only be necessary in special cases, specifically: You are on OS X 10.13 High Sierra and you need to open a project that uses the N4 AU. See the above post for details.

- Look in /Applications for 'Numerology 4' or 'Numerology 4'
- Control-click on the app and pick "Show Package Contents"
- In the window that comes up, navigate to Contents/Resources
- Search the Resources folder for "". The fastest way
to do that is to use List view and sort by Size, descending.
- Copy to
(you will need to enter an administrator password)
- Delete any existing NumerologyAU.component
- Double-click to un-compress it.
- Delete"

Plase assist.
Thanks in advance.
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