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I had an unusual lockup today, I had the vector set up to receive a clock in from Pam's workout at 90bpm on Cr/1 and the sync out USB-B to sync Ableton. Part 1 was set to /64 and as changed the multipler on Pams clock to make the bpm 180 vector appeared to lock up but it didn't, it stopped playing but the only part that would not work was the 8 control knobs inc encoder 9, I could still jump around the pages but not adjust anything or start it playing with the run button.
I've tried this again and it seems that Vector is partially failing on the sudden change in the clock speed, in this case from 90 to 180 and the clk divider is set to /64. Also removing the clock and then reapplying it when the vector is running will cause this lock up

[EDIT] Another process causing the same type of partial lock up. Had 3 seqs running, went to Part 3 then pitch page and pressed shift Gen, this causes this lock up almost every time.

[EDIT2] OK, swapped back 1.0.10 firmware and tried the above steps and there were no lockups on either. It did have the error messages on the very top of the screen which know was an issue. In the clock switching scenario, I could crank It right up, part of the error message was too many events but there no lock ups.

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