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Originally Posted by paulshillito View Post
Just updated to 1.016 & maybe i'm missing something here but i cant get the transpose to work in the Rec page. I've tried all the inputs, USB and Midi via the Expander + Vkeyboard and nothing happens.
I have a seq running on part1 and I have a keystep plugged in on the USBA or Ext midi which is recognised and works in the Step recording and Thru just fine but Trans does nothing.

Also whilst was trying to get Trans working on the rec page Vector froze on me and needed an reboot.
I also couldn’t get Transpose to work from Din or VKBD. It did work in prior OS versions

And I also have the sporadic “doesn’t start with ext clock” issue although hasn’t happened in a while. Using ERM multi clock din sync

But otherwise phenomenal!!
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