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Hi Jim,
Loving the new OS.... the Vector sequencer truly unlocking my studio in ways only theoretically schemed up to now. Seriously.
couple of quirks i've come across using 1.0.16 worth noting in case possible bugs... i have four drum sampler players currently patched to J-trig outputs 1,2,3 and 4. These J-trig outputs are assigned respectively to GT5,GT6,GT7 and GT8 on the trig set up page. I initially thought of the Vector Seq as primarily a pitch and modulation sequencer but now coming to grips with how deep a drum pattern generator it is as well. Stepping through presets for those various parts (part 5,6,7 and 8) is unleashing amazing pattern, timbral and slice selection changes on those four assigned drum sample players. The glitch in question is the following: sometimes will muting and unmuting those parts on the part overview screen i noticed the trigs stay muted. Either when unmuting the part or occasionally when changing the preset. The workaround at the moment is to stop, start, reset the entire sequencer at which point all the assigned patterns, parts, gates, trigs, presets come back and all gates are firing again. I can send a video if that will be helpful to replicate. If any note i'm clocking the Vector via RC24 / Pamela's New Workout sending 24ppqn clock into RUN, CLOCK, RESET inputs. Thanks again, ross
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