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Default DrumSeq Launchpad questions

Hi All (but probably mostly Jim),

I just got my launchpad set up and I'm loving the control. However, I've got some issues with the DrumSeq module, and I see they're not covered in the video tutorial.

The main thing is velocity control. What I love about DrumSeq vs. regular step sequencers is the articulation. But when you hit a note on (say for a kick drum), it automatically goes to the maximum velocity. When I switch to the velocity page, it appears to have no effect on any of the drums (and it would be nice to be able to control each drum's velocity independently, like on the screen, though at this point I'd take a velocity for each step as that would be a big improvement). If there's a way to modify it to make it work this way, I'd be willing to put in some time.

I also noticed a little glitchyness when messing with sequence lengths in drumseq (I'm not taxing the processor too much) but that went away after restarting.

I'm sure I'll have more questions once I get further into this thing. It's incredibly fun and easy to use.

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