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Default Wow Jonahs!

You think up some pretty interesting twists on the Dealy model, I'll definetly pick through your post and comment it as some point, probably late at night.

The ideas are good for creating some interesting effects... But midi delay as I've experienced it is more polyphonic than the system that you describe would easily allow.. But perhaps if you had a midi delay output that you could feed into one of your shift delay machines it could add another level of complexity or richness or just plain useful noise to the mix..

I like what I'm reading in your post though..

What i'd like to see would be what some of the real Numerology pros, like jue, or Sjoerd among others have to say about the matter...

Then there's all the new Binary Tenary Unirary op modules that would make al kinds of logical type filtering of control signals and note input signals to the Delay possible.. All this is still over my head, but with time I will master these tools as well..

I'm more of the Brute force variety of sound monster design, but see my lasted Global Editing post to know where Brutes can go right into a cave full of gold and diamonds and more likely a dragon lurking somewhere too.

Thanks for the inputs.. Five days left before I devulge the secrets...

For your helpful post jonahs I'm putting your name on the gets one too list..

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