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Originally Posted by jim View Post
Yes, but I have postponed multithreaded rendering and MIDI Clip import until 4.1. I have to draw a line somewhere to get a release out. The thing about MT rendering is that it is a very invasive low-level change, so I want to make sure everything is running well before implementing it. I know there are some of you for which this is a big issue, but there are some workarounds, such as hosting a few expensive plugins in other apps. Also, if you're using either the VST or AU versions, the host handles threading.

Thanks for clarifying, good to know that it's still planned, having Numerology as my main production environment will be a dream come true.
As for the workarounds I have experimented with rewire but I like to focus on as few tools as possible when working. The VST version of numerology is excellent and I use it when working in Ableton Live, though it would be even more useful if it could output multiple midi channels, this way I would be able to manipulate multiple midi streams in a modular way (as in the main Numerology application).
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