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Originally Posted by sounjaerk View Post
i'm having some infrequent lock-ups/freezes when clocking the VS from a Rossum Control Forge. I like to do really dynamic tempo shifts and control that externally via the Rossum's Time Scale CV in, which generally tracks well to the VS, but occasionally the VS will lock up when i send a really fast BPM. I'm syncing via Cr/4. If I try to sync via Cr/1--it locks up much more frequently--unusably so. Cr/4 works much better, but I've still gotten a couple of freezes in the past few days. When the VS locks up, I have to power cycle to get it back.

currently using the 1.1.2 beta firmware

How fast is really fast? The current limit for the Vector is about 200BPM for external sync.

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