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Originally Posted by m5tevens View Post
I've had this build crash on me quite a lot. I took a year off from sequencing stuff to focus on my theory and playing, and have been getting back into Numerology this week with this build ... I'm probably six hours deep and have been working with a fairly narrow set of things so I'm not sure if it's related to something specific I'm doing or if the new features (which I haven't tried yet) come with some new instability.
The crashes that I saw uploaded from your install recently are from a library called CoreAudio Clock -- it's what Numerology currently uses for sync. Let me know what your sync setup is (transmission vs. reception, how many other devices/programs, etc). I've had issues with this library before and it is on my list of things to replace. Rebooting might help, but mostly I want to know details about your sync setup....

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