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Default Numerology / Silent Way / Ableton - plug in or standalone only?


I have been happily using Num 4 to midi sequence my semi modular synths. I have just got an ES-8 and now want to use Num to sequence my synths using CV pitch/gate. I understand Jim recommends using Silent Way for accurate pitch tracking. Presumably he means running Silent Way as an AU inside Numerology?

My main question is, can I use Numerology together with Silent Way as VST's (or AU) in Ableton, or do I have to use Numerology standalone in order to cv sequence with Numerology?

I should explain that I want to use a single instance of Numerology VST inside Ableton to send multiple channels of CV to various pieces of hardware. I..e I want to run multiple interrelated sequences inside Numerology to different hardware devices. This will require getting access from Numerology VST to multiple outputs from my ES-8.

It will not work to convert Numerology midi to cv using Silent way in a separate Ableton channel, because Ableton has a limitation where it does not alow multiple midi channels to be transmitted from a single VST (it merges all the channels into one stream of midi data). CV will have to exit Numerology as Audio.

I do all my effects routing in Ableton so prefer to run Ableton as my main DAW, and just plug Numerology in.


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