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Originally Posted by named user View Post
I have been happily using Num 4 to midi sequence my semi modular synths. I have just got an ES-8 and now want to use Num to sequence my synths using CV pitch/gate. I understand Jim recommends using Silent Way for accurate pitch tracking. Presumably he means running Silent Way as an AU inside Numerology?
That's the way to go if you're running Numerology standalone. There's a detailed video on how to setup that up here:

Originally Posted by named user View Post
My main question is, can I use Numerology together with Silent Way as VST's (or AU) in Ableton, or do I have to use Numerology standalone in order to cv sequence with Numerology?
You can go either way -- but you might find it easier to do the initial setup running N4 standalone -- that way you can follow the tutorial video directly. The hardest part about using Silent Way is setting up the routing (both physical and virtual) so you can calibrate the CV output and oscillators to be in tune. The video covers that in detail.

Originally Posted by named user View Post
I should explain that I want to use a single instance of Numerology VST inside Ableton to send multiple channels of CV to various pieces of hardware. I..e I want to run multiple interrelated sequences inside Numerology to different hardware devices. This will require getting access from Numerology VST to multiple outputs from my ES-8.
In that case, you'll need to use multiple instances of Numerology and SilentWay -- with one track for each. Once you have a default setup with the N4 VST on one track and SilentWay on another, it should be straightforward to duplicate that setup for the other instruments.

Originally Posted by named user View Post
It will not work to convert Numerology midi to cv using Silent way in a separate Ableton channel, because Ableton has a limitation where it does not alow multiple midi channels to be transmitted from a single VST (it merges all the channels into one stream of midi data). CV will have to exit Numerology as Audio.
That is indeed why you would have to use multiple instances of both -- Ableton force-channelizes all MIDI coming from plugins to MIDI Ch 1. That's also one of the reasons I don't try to support multiple stacks in a single Numerology instance. Also, the SilentWay plugin only supports MIDI to CV conversion for one part at a time anyway.

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