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Default Setting up Vector in a modular/computer system

Hi all

I'm struggling to figure out a nice workflow with my Vector. Right now I have a skiff containing the vector and a Expert Sleepers ES8, as well as a 0-Coast and some hardware synths. I'd like to use the Vector to sequence everything.

I've currently got Silent Way's 'sync' plugin connected to some outputs of the ES8, running into the 'run' and 'clock' on the Vector. I get nice, tight, sync from this, but when I record in Ableton the tracks are around 42ms(!) off the grid.

To combat this, I have to offset any software synths in ableton by 42ms. This feels kinda backwards.

I'm wondering if this setup is back-to-front. Should I aim for the vector to clock everything else?

Any tips appreciated, I'm tearing my hair out!
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