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Originally Posted by jim View Post
First, apologies for the slow reply -- somehow I missed this post...
No worries

Originally Posted by jim View Post
A couple questions:

- Are you monitoring audio from both synths though the Numerology mixer?
Going from memory - if it's hardware synths then I would usually be direct monitoring them in MixControl, not in the Numerology mixer. Is track delay only meant to be used for sound coming through the Numerology mixer?

Originally Posted by jim View Post
- How off are the synths -- i.e. a millisecond or two, or several milliseconds?

Far enough out to be noticeable, my ears aren't good enough to pick up 1 or 2 ms. Depending on the synths/modules I was working with we could be looking at up to 20ms either way.

I'll try to recreate my steps for you in build 165 and post in that thread to let you know exactly what I've done and what is (or isn't) happening.
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