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I won't reply to the RTA recording part as I'm absolutely not using this part of N.

Regarding paramod, it can be in any stack. When you open the connection menu it will propose you with a list of module present in its actual stack for convenience but the last entry will let you choose any module in any stack.

To route CV through different stack, u can use the CV buses.

For exemple, I have a live project consisting of one clock stack and 5 synth/sounds stack. All the paramods are kept close to the module they affect ( personnal convenience ) and I have a 7th stack which control every others with switches, faders, lfo and XY's through cv buses.I mapped all the parameters to a controller and when jamming, that is the only stack I use to control all my voices.

Paramods presets are saved with presets like every other module. Where do they get their CV from is from the routing menu which is fixed but which module and which function of the modul it targets are stored in stack presets, so to be clear they can be changed in realtime with the preset menu.

Hope this helps.

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