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Default Numerology 4.2 Build 173

Some fixes related to the Performance Controller, and a big change related to MIDI Learn -- so be sure to read the notes below if you've been using MIDI Learn much! [Edit: updated to build 174 with a couple fixes listed below!].


Numerology 4.2 Build 174

- Controller Setup, Numerology Navigator : Fixed a problem with list items not displaying titles in Sierra.
- MIDI Import : Fixed a problem handling velocity values in MonoNote & PolyNote

Numerology 4.2 Build 173

MIDI Learn changes:

The old-style MIDI Learn, which listened to all non-virtual MIDI Inputs, is now permanently off. The replacement is a new controller type: "Generic MIDI". If you add one of those for each controller that you've been using for MIDI Learn, your existing mappings should work as before. If not, let me know!

Despite the extra setup time, there are several advantages to this approach:
- It saves on CPU load -- esp. for plugins.
- It makes setup consistent for all controller types.
- It makes it a bit easier to avoid MIDI learn conflicts between controllers.
- It paves the way for some nice extras like incremental controllers, better controller feedback, etc.

The Generic MIDI controller allows you to setup 16 'global' knobs and 16 'global' buttons that you can map via MIDI Learn to any of the usual spots. In this sense, it is just like the global knob and button mappings for the Performance Controller.

Other Fixes & Updates:

- Performance Controller: Fixed some issues that were creating conflicts with
other controllers, including the Launchpad.

- MonoNote & PolyNote : Legato mode is now on by default (as it should be)

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