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Originally Posted by jim View Post
See chapter 15 in the manual -- which you can get on the download page.

Use the VST -- assuming you have a version of DP that supports VST. Every VST host I've tested has a straightforward solution for getting MIDI from a VST to another plugin, not many AU host do. I seem to recall it is possible to route MIDI from an AU to another plugin in DP, but I also remember it being a bit convoluted.

My Digital Performer is High Sierra compatible.
My Native Instruments stuff is not
My Spectrasonics stuff is not

This the stuff I am using the most with Numerology Pro.
So, I have to wait for upgrading to High Sierra.

It brings another question for you.

I suppose Numerology 5 will be Sierra compatible ?
And, also, will High Sierra bring something new to Numerology Pro 5 that will not be in in Sierra ?

Thank you and have a good day

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