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Originally Posted by Forsythian View Post
Hey, if not too unrelated has anyone come up with a simple direct method to map the three CC value output lanes (per part on the Vector seq) to parameters or macros in Ableton? I couldn't find elsewhere on the forum so thought this might be the spot.... thanks!
I haven't tried that option yet, so no immediate suggestions. I suppose for a MIDI Learn approach (and I'm improvising here, don't have a test setup handy): Set the 3 CCs to values that don't conflict with other stuff -- CCs 16 - 19 are good picks, then turn on Learn mode in Ableton. Then program just 1 or 2 values on 1 CC lane and run that until it gets learned. Then un-program those steps and then repeat for the other 2 lanes.

Let me know how that goes -- I could see adding a 'send this CC' shortcut for making it easier to setup...

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