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Default Numerology 4.2 Build 165

A couple new features (so I bumped the version number), and some fixes:


Release Notes:

N4 Pro: The Keyboard module now has a "keyboard keys" mode. Click the "K-Keys" button and you can use the computer keyboard to play notes. Here's the mapping:
White Keys: a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l
Black Keys: w, e, t, y, u, o
Velocity: 1-9 (10% to 90%), 0 (100%)
Octaves: z, x, c, v, b : Sets which octave to play on the Keyboard

N4 Pro: The MIDI To CV module now supports 'relative' CCs. This is done via a "CC Mode" menu for each of the 4 CCs. There are 3 modes:
- ABS : Absolute, what you get now: incoming CC values are scaled to [0.0 to 1.0]
- Rel100 : Relative, CC values > 64 increment by 0.01, CC values < 64 decrement by 0.01
- Rel127 : Same as Rel100, but the increment/decrement value is 1/127, so that if you multiply the CV output of the module by 127 you will get a range of 0 to 127.

Fixes & Updates:

- Note Processor: Fixed some parameter range bugs when using ParamMod.
- Playlist: Fixed a UI update bug when opening a project w/ the playlist on and curr preset set > 1
- Sequencers: Fixed a UI update bug when changing presets and seq length has changed.
- Activation: Fixed an issue that made it difficult for some users to activate.
- Solo : Fixed a problem where freshly-opened projects did not 'solo' correctly.
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