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Originally Posted by jim View Post

- New Pref : KeyboardLayout : Those of you with AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboards should use this to get the correct mapping when using the "K-Keys" function on the Keyboard module.
- AU Hosting : Fixed an issue where some AUs were not loadable.
- MIDI To CV : Changed the modes to support Steinberg & Numark controllers (use "Rel-Inv");
- USAMO : Fixed an issue w/ running USAMO in N4 SE.
- VST & AU : Tweaked a couple things for demo mode.
- Activation : Fixed an activation bug (again)
- Chord Seq : Fixed a ParamMod max value issue with "Chord Type".

... still working on an issue w/ MainStage, will post news on that when I have some...

Bravo - applausi!!
& thx for fixing that pesky lost-in-translation kbd thing

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