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I've been using GENELEC 8030A for years and think they are super! They deliver a flat frequency response curve and don't think they color the sound. I actually have four, since a company I made DVD surround mixes for gave me two as part of a deal. Sometimes I bring one or two of them for stage monitoring if I do a concert with a band. I've even been flying with two of them in my bag but that was not wise as they are a bit heavy (that's where the good sound comes from, I'd guess... built like small tanks) and always get "taken in for extra security control" as they look suspicious on the x-scan. Bass go down to 55 Hz and I like double-check my mixes with an extra sub added just because quite often "out there" music gets played back on systems with over dimensioned bass response and as a producer you have to make sure your stuff does still works ok in such environments.
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