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Originally Posted by nil View Post
One question though, as I want to upgrade from the Launchpad to certainly Ohm RGB (not reluctant to Push at all though) : are all the functions mapped to it, or will we need an additional MIDI controller ?

Given that you own both and well, obviously have used both with N4, which one would YOU pick : Ohm RGB or Push ?
Controllers are a very personal thing... If you use Live, then the Push has obvious advantages in that it has a very deep mapping. OTOH, I like the size and feel of the grid on the OHM, and it has faders, which I think would make for a more sane mixing setup in a live situation. And the crossfader could be very handy. The Numerology mapping for the OHM has one downside: As there are no 'scene' buttons (i.e. the column of buttons to the right of the grid), you have to do an extra step to navigate from page to page when editing a module.

Multiple Launchpads can be pretty fun too:
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