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Old 10-28-2015, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by jim View Post
N4 standalone, rewire or plugin? (sorry to be pedantic,

Make sure the Lpad Pro is in "Programmer" mode. This is one of the things about it that I haven't quite sorted out yet: How to ensure the LpadPro is in the correct mode w/o say, messing up Live if it is running as well..

No worries. I am new to electronic music and still learning.

When it started acting up it was a plugin on a MIDI instrument in Logic. I add the plugin, but then open Numerology I think it registers as both rewire and plugin. I did this so I could have Numerology send midi to Logic synths but not have the limited interface that you get when interacting with Numerology as a plugin to Logic. I am just using Logic for the sounds.

I have verified that the LpadPro is in Programmer mode. Still no joy.

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