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Old 03-27-2019, 01:08 AM
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Default Vector Seq Firmware 1.0.10

More fixes and some updates to Step Record.



Release Notes:


Part LED BG color : Fixed a couple of issues that inhibited setting background color.
Seq Ctl: Rate Mode 'SPD' (Speed) -- is now working properly.
Seq Ctl: Rate changes made when the sequencer is not running are no longer delayed to the 2nd beat.
Sub-Seq Param Mod: Fixed a p-mod update issue when changing presets.
Presets: Fixed the 'stuck preset after dup preset' bug..
Legato Note triggering : is now much smarter.
Pitch DAC Calibration files are now automatically loaded on startup.

Step Record:
- You can push Encoder 9 to mute/un-mute a step -- this changes the mute, not the gate value.
- Turning Encoder 9 will now show you up to 64 steps of notes, in 4 banks of 16 each..
- There is now labeling to show the current 'bank' of steps: 1-16, 17-32, etc.
- Hold the shift key while turning Encoder 9 to move the cursor 16 steps at a time.


Download and un-zip the Vector firmware file (
Press and hold the Shift button while powering up the Vector to enter USB Disk mode.
Use a USB A to B cable to connect the Vector to your computer. After a few seconds, the SD Card for the Vector will show up as a new disk.
Unzip On a Mac, the Finder may do that for you. Do not double-click on VECTOR.BIN, which the Finder will try to de-compress into something not useful.
Make sure the filename is exactly VECTOR.BIN. The OS X Finder will often rename it (e.g. VECTOR-2.BIN), in that case be sure to rename it back to VECTOR.BIN. Copy VECTOR.BIN to the root directory of Vectors SD Card Delete or move any previous VECTOR.BIN firmware files.
Now is also a good time to backup your Vector's PROJECT directory.
Unmount/Eject the Vectors SD Card from your computer, and power off your eurorack system.
Hold down the Rec button on the Vector while powering up your system.
Press Next to load the new Firmware, which takes about 20 seconds.
Verify the Firmware is the correct version in Globals -- first page, 2nd OLED, top-right corner.
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