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Old 03-02-2019, 03:44 PM
steve.turner steve.turner is offline
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Originally Posted by blackdoors View Post
Not exactly, sounds like you are configuring output channels, if I understand you correctly then doing that will send Vector part 4's notes to the JExp Midi out port output on channel 4.

To push notes to the CV outputs you have configured for a part, choose the part, go into record mode, select THRU and the MIDI IN port you are using. No idea how you control which channel it looks for in this mode, as far as I know you canít. I didn't test but its either responds to ALL or CH1 I would guess....
You were right and I got it working. The thing I didnít read closely enough was that you have to be in record mode and that means you must have it also in running mode.

I donít think it can detect external midi channel, it seems to just plumb the midi signal through to the active part and associated CV outputs.
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Old 03-02-2019, 04:12 PM
blackdoors blackdoors is offline
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Originally Posted by jim View Post
There are some things coming in the next build to address that issue. Should be out next week.

Ahhh good stuff! I presume you mean the stuck notes thing.

Am I missing a setting somewhere with the lack of transport start over midi outputs when using ext sync? Or is this a confirmed issue too (.....or is it intended behaviour)?

Managed to work around it today but it took me going to manage the re-cabling required!

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Old 03-17-2019, 09:01 PM
steve.turner steve.turner is offline
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The only issue I am having is envelopes seeming to be held in a static state when stopping sequences. This is sometimes like a held note that wont stop, or other times, when next RUNning a sequence, the message to my ADSR seems truncated eg not opening up the whole envelope.
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Old 03-18-2019, 12:09 PM
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Another new and happy user here.
And just delighted by the Vector - most useful sequencer ever! (for me).
Too shy to start a new topic

Ok, I've played with it about a month and sometimes things get strange.
Sometimes if you mute and unmute a Part - there is clear indication that the Part is unmuted and playing - but it isn't.
I have to stop and start playing to hear that part again.
Or after copying a preset with playing subsequencer - it just stops to play modulation or indicates playing but no modulation happens.

Another possible bug with presets is that I can't duplicate the preset and switch to any other preset without stopping the Vector.
After choosing the preset to switch it starts blinking and nothing happens until I hit stop/play. After that it switches perfectly.

I'm also curious about voltages of Gates and Triggers outputs. It looks like some modules works incorrectly
(for example ADM-14 sounds very poor triggered from Vector Gate output without boosting the Gate signal
or EuroDDL doesn't recognise the pulse from Trigger outputs of expander at all).

I have the Vector (#39) and Expander (#41) - not matching numbers - are there any potential problems?

Nevertheless - Vector is brilliant machine - most comfortable sequencer to work with!

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