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Old 02-21-2009, 01:56 PM
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Default Numerology 2.0.1b7

Starting to wind down stuff for 2.0.1 with this beta...


Numerology 2.0.1b7 Release Notes:

- Fixed a bug that could cause "no audio" problems on playback

Audio Recording
- Fixed a bug where if you enabled audio recording while the transport was running, it would seem to record, but would not. I.e. You can now enable and disable recording while the transport is running.

MIDI Switch
- Now can be properly triggered via the "Trig In" port.
- Fixed some stuck note bugs

CV Switch
- Now can be properly triggered via the "Trig In" port.

Preference: Disable Auto-Routing
- Fixed a bug where this preference was not being respected.

Transport : Panic
- You can now trigger "All Notes Off" a.k.a Panic via command-P, or via the "All Notes Off" item in the Numerology menu.

Routing Panel
- The cables are now a touch thinner.
- Now when you drag cables it a stack taller than the window, the routing view will scroll. However, due to the way cable drawing is implemented, the revealed cables are not redrawn until you release the mouse.
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