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Old 01-19-2020, 11:24 AM
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Default Parameter Mod Target Groups

It would be super cool to be able to assign sequencer parameters to groups for the purpose of modulating all the members of a group together. You would assign parameters to a group (it could be an item in the contextual menu), and then that group would be available as a modulation target. Perhaps Parameter Mod Groups could have their own module, or their attributes could be handled in the ParamMod module. You'd want to be able to select whether members of a group responded to incoming modulation through the group in a linear way, or scaled according to their values relative to other members of the group. You could also make the polarity and range of the modulation selectable and scalable per group member. You could do so much with this.

Example: I'd love to be able to use an LFO or a fader to vary the probability of not just a step, but a group of steps, or maybe all the steps in a sequence, or maybe a couple of groups of steps with separate probability control. Right now, unless there's something I am missing, I could only accomplish something like this by creating multiple ParamMod modules--enough to separately target the probability of each step I want to modulate--and then route my mod source to all those ParamMod modules. Parameter Mod Target Groups, as I'm suggesting, would be quicker, more elegant and efficient with less screen clutter.
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Old 01-22-2020, 12:17 PM
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Default Another idea for mod groups:

Another idea for mod groups:

You could designate members of a param mod group to be "evolve/gen safe" or "evolve/gen enabled". I'm expecting N5 to have more control over evolve/gen algos and how they get applied, so this would be a neat idea--being able to enable or disable specific parameters and groups of parameters from being affected. Just thinking about it makes me want it... Oooo... just got another idea: "Preset Revert/Create New" new post coming...
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