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Old 11-08-2019, 03:54 PM
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Default More options for Preset changes

I find changing presets a little limiting with the options of quantizing to either None / Beat / Bar and that the Preset always jumps back to step 1.

This works well enough for Presets with 4 / 8 / 16 steps etc. but for presets with 3 steps or 5 steps, it's not as good.

I'd love it if changing Presets would jump you to the relevant step for each Preset - like an instant jump. I imagine this would be really useful once drum Parts are added - being able to jump over to a fill pattern and back without restarting all the Parts. It would also be great to switch Presets based on the longest Preset sequence.

I think Hermod handles changing Sequences really intuitively with several options to do so. It might be worth taking a peek and seeing how they do it.
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