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Old 03-07-2017, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by nreeves View Post
This is a really exciting update, looks fantastic!

Any chance we'll see Modulation Sequencers added to the mix?
For example, say there's a new category in the Performance Controller setup called "CV" or "MOD" that allows you to bind a selection of physical knobs...
Where they would auto-map to the modulation sequencers of the current stack in order, 1 knob each, for realtime write...
Possibly with a physical button functioning as a master clutch for safety.

Something like that could compliment this stack-based Note control very well.
Having the same functionality but hard mappable could be quite useful, too.
Possibly, but not yet. With the Stack-based knobs, you can setup that behavior yourself now -- and instead of me trying to pack too many controls into something that doesn't have a display (*ahem*....), you can pick just the controls you need -- and can reliably remember.

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