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Old 11-23-2013, 04:58 PM
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Default Numerology 4 Beta Details

The usual warnings:

This is an unfinished release. Pretty much everything works pretty well, but there are always little surprises here and there. Numerology 3 will not open files saved with Numerology 4, so I recommend making a full backup of all your Numerology project files before installing Numerology 4.

I generally prefer that bug reports are either emailed to me (jim (at) five12 (dot) com) or use the "Contact Five12" menu item in the app. -- That approach is much easier for me to track than forum postings. That doesn't mean you can't post issues to the forum, and certainly you should post general comments and questions. This release is all about improving the workflow, so your feedback is all-important!

The new stuff:

For a good summary of new features, I recommend you check out the N4 threads in the "Five12 News" section at There is no doc yet, but most things should be self-explanitory. The first thing you will notice that is different is the "Browser", which is the new way to get at modules, module presets, stacks, etc. If something doesn't make sense right away, start asking questions!


There is a completely new install process. When you open the N4 download, it will show up as a disk image with a big N4 app icon, and a symbolic link to your Applications folder. As with other apps that follow this process, just drag the N4 icon into your Apps folder. The first time you start Numerology, it will ask permission to install the plugins and ReWire driver -- so even if you only ever use the plugins, you need to start the app at least once. If you do not want to have the plugins or ReWire driver installed, just look at the 'Installation' panel in N4's prefs.

Using both N3 & N4:

Both apps exist just fine together, but the plugins and ReWire driver need to all be of the same 'release level'.

And remember: Have fun!

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