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Old 01-03-2013, 08:48 AM
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Default New Track, Padshop pro, and Droneland

I've just made a new track using Padshop Pro, With four sounds From the Droneland soundset by Patchpool/Simon Stockhausen

as well as one sound from Chromaphone Ping Pong Pluck from Modelled Reality also by Patchpool/Simon Stockhausen

As well as one sound from Diva Harbinger by Howard Scarr.

Effects used Valhalla Room, Trash Two on the Chromaphone and Diva.

I'm coming to grips with my XY mixer described elsewhere. After some more study I realize I need to do some more Development of the setup. I update the Tips and Tricks thread on the subject once I've gotten it worked out.

Note I'm now using Numerology in 24 bit 48 Khz, with a 2048 buffer. The three files that comprised this mix down are played back using the Audio editor Fission their combined output is captured in Audio Hijack pro then exported to MP3 using Fission again.

Look Ma no Daw

Warning Long track
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