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Old 01-23-2013, 06:27 AM
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Default CosmicGhostDance

I've been sweating over the Numerology 3 Pro and Cosmic soundset these last days.

Here is a new track with 8 instances of Padshop Pro and 1 instance of Chromaphone.

Put together in Numerology Pro exclusively.

It's basically the same setup as in the previous setup.

None of these tracks are thrown together in a jiffy! Numerology is second nature to me on a technical level, now I'm going to give the musical finished production more intense focus, as well as try and improve my harmony and structure. The whole field of this music endeavour just seems to be getting bigger more exciting more expensive, more time consuming.. more more more....

A big help to the harmony setup would be if you could meld four interval sequencers into one module with four CV outputs so I could get 2x4 on one screen. But zoomable...

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