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Old 11-25-2014, 01:35 PM
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Default Numerology 4 : Upgrading from Numerology 3 and earlier....

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE - Dec 2015 ***

I've just recently moved all new Numerology sales to a new e-commerce provider, FastSpring. In order to keep the transition manageable, I will be handling all upgrades directly via PayPal for a while. For prices, see the Five12 Store page: . My PayPal account is the same as my main email address: jim (at) five12 [dot] com -- remove () and [] as appropriate...

If you have any questions, post below or send email!


[Old Instructions Below]

I'm handling upgrades to Numerology 4 a bit differently from usual. Instead of selling an upgrade serial number and thus forcing you to keep track of 2 SNs -- or even 3 if you upgraded from version 2, I've setup a coupon system whereby owners of N3 can purchase a full copy of N4 for the price of the upgrade. Then you only have to use your N4 SN to activate.

The coupon system only works for upgrades from N3. So, if you have Numerology 1 or 2, email me directly for upgrade details: info (at) five12 [dot] com.

If you purchased Numerology 3 SE or Numerology 3 Pro on or after August 18 2012 (the date of the first Numerology 4 Roadmap posting), you are entitled to a free upgrade. Download Numerology 3.2, Build 70 or later, and choose "Upgrade to Numerology 4" from the Numerology 3 menu. Numerology will check with the Five12 server to verify your upgrade status. Once it verifies your information, you will get a Numerology 4 serial number and a link to download the Numerology 4 beta. You will also get an email receipt.

For (almost) everyone else, install the last build of Numerology 3:
… then use the "Upgrade to Numerology 4" menu to retrieve a one-time-use only upgrade coupon. This coupon allows you to purchase a full copy of Numerology 4 such that your total cost is just for the upgrade charge (currently $39 US). You can use the coupon to purchase N4 SE or N4 Pro. The easiest way to handle it is to click the "Purchase" button, in which case the coupon will automatically be entered.

If you try the "Upgrade to Numerology 4" menu and do not get a response, or get a "we can't find your info" message, or you do not have your mac hooked up to the internet, just send email to info (at) five12 (dot) com with your full name, any email addresses used for purchases, and N3 serial number(s), and I will lookup your upgrade info.

You can use the "Upgrade to Numerology 4" menu item as often as you like, all it does is verify and lookup stuff I've already pre-assigned. It will return the same info each time you use it.

These coupons do not expire, but they are one-time-use only, and are tied to your Numerology 3 serial number. In particular, you cannot sell the coupon to someone else without transferring your Numerology 3 license. Similarly, if you sell your Numerology 3 license, the coupon goes with it. Once you use the coupon, you cannot sell either your copy Numerology 3 or Numerology 4 without selling the other with it.


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