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Old 11-15-2015, 07:48 AM
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Lightbulb 3rd party software that makes working with Numerology more efficient

Using Numerolgy Standalone to drive full production can be quite tricky and even a bit frustrating at times.
Here are some 3rd party software ideas that might help you when trying to do "bigger" stuff in Numerology.

1. A keyboard shortcut macro program.

For me speed is a biggie. I don't have time to click around like stupid all day long.
So for cases like this I have a macro program.

There are a lot of those like QuickKeys and so on.

I use Keyboard Majestro because it can also simulate mouseclicks and
has a handy little function called "restore mouse position" more on that later.

The advantage of having something like this is that you can assign
keycommands to all menu commands that don't have any assigned
by default by the host software.
(In N4 for example Duplicate Stack, Delete Stack and so on...)

It is also possible to emulate mouse clicks at x/y screenposition.
Because Numerologys GUI is fixed (the browser stays always open, you can't resize any internal windows etc.)
this makes it possible to even assign stuff like solo, mute,
arrange on/off, zoom etc with consistency.
I also switch the Browser/Preset pane via shortcuts and the subtabs as well. Same for loop in/out points, loop on/off and I have cmd-return assigend
to do a cmd-L enter in one go. Stuff like that.
In the Renoise Forum we call that "Eliminating Mouse-Miles"

And because in my case Keyboard Majestro has the "restore mouseposition" function
you won't even notice that indeed the macro has perfomed a click and not a usual keycommand.
I use this software for years in a lot of different applications.

2. Check out DiscoDSPs new Sampler called "Bliss" (currently in Beta)

Yeah, this is "just another Sampler" but has a huuuuuge feature that is just awesome for Numerology.
Thats the ability to load VST/AU Synths and SAMPLE them...
It is a pretty sophisticated resample system, not so topnotch like the one in Renoise, but still one of the best I have seen yet.

That way you can use the most processing intense and most latency introducing Softsynths you have
and then let Bliss just sample 'em...

Bliss is 50% off during the beta. You can check it out here:

3. Host your Send/Return Effects in Vienna Ensemble Pro 5
Now this one is a bit tricky because for what it does, it's expensive.
If you already have it it, consider this as a big big big
addition to Numerology. It's basically a Plugin Host *Server* which communicates over LAN.
A lot of Filmscoring Guys use this with multiple instances on multiple computers.
(I had to buy it when Pro Tools switched to AAX and most plugs weren't available in AAX format then.
Other options for VST/AU to AAX like BlueCats Patchwork and DDMF Metaplugin weren't available at that time.
However: Theese are plugins itself that host other plugs and can't help us in our case here.)

What I do with this is send all my aux send/returns through it.
That way I have 8 high quality and processor intense Effect-Chains running
without any strain on Numerologys CPU usage which helps a looooooot.

Also Vienna is able to "midi-learn" everything and route it to every AU plugin parameter in a matter of seconds.
So you you can still use Numerology to modulate your effect racks in VEP with ease.
In most cases this is even faster than using para-mods internally..

(You could even use Softsynths in VEP5, however:
VEP introduces roundtrip latency, so you should host *all* Instruments in VEP5 then.
And because Numerologys RackMixer Solo/Mute is Audio based, not Midi based you can't use Numerologys Mixer.
You have to use the one in VEP5, which doesn't sound like a big deal but can get very frustrating when in the creation and arrangement phase.

I hope that at least one of theese points gives you some ideas to work with.



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