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Old 08-17-2017, 02:06 PM
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Default Numerology 5 Development Announcement

This is your official announcement that development on Numerology 5 is currently in progress. I can't give any specific dates for when the first beta will happen, or for the release, other than I expect to have a beta out this fall, and the release will not be until after January of next year (2018).

This will be a paid release. Anyone who purchases Numerology 4 on or after August 1 2017 will get a free upgrade.

The focus for this release will be in four areas:

- Improving the performance of some internals. This includes multi-threaded rendering, as well as how the UI is updated when changing presets.

- A significant re-organization of the UI for all the Note Sequencer modules (MonoNote, PolyNote, etc). I'll have more news on this in a few days.

- Integration with the Vector Sequencer eurorack module. Primarily, this means being able to load and save project files from the Vector.

- The usual assortment of smaller features and updates -- for example: Tap Tempo. I have a big list of requested features that I'm going through and prioritizing, and of course, I'll be reviewing the Feature Requests section of the forum. In order to keep the dev cycle from dragging out, I'm going to be very selective about which features are in. Now is a good time to drop over to the Feature Requests area add or vote for what you'd like to see most. I'd like to reserve this tread for discussion of what is actually in the new release.

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